Optimising, Predicting & Designing New Catalysts

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Understanding of catalysts and catalytic processes at the molecular level is vital for optimising existing catalytic processes and developing and designing new systems. This theme will primarily be based on the Harwell campus and we will build on phase 1 of the UK Catalysis Hub with a powerful combination of technique development around the world class facilities on the campus and adventurous new applications embracing the full range of catalytic science, computational studies and engineering. This will create a world leading programme of catalytic science and engineering, exploiting to the full the unique opportunities opened up in development of synchrotron, neutron and laser science.

The initial projects include:

  • Future developments in catalysis using synchrotrons;
  • Novel applications of neutron scattering in catalysis;
  • Future developments in catalysis using lasers;
  • New areas and opportunities for catalysis;
  • Integrating catalysis through cascade processes;
  • Modelling in catalytic science;
  • Changing the philosophy of catalysis design.

Read more about the this theme at our website ukcatalysishub.co.uk/optimising-predicting-and-designing-new-catalysts/