model pic from Arun

The CORE theme will coordinate all the Hub activities and interaction with the UK catalysis community and ensure technique development at the Harwell Hub through two science work packages The core programme will provide the key management and governance for the scientific programmes operated by the Hub. Developing and building the community; ensuring strong academic-industrial interactions and international engagement and promoting dissemination and outreach, thereby facilitating and connecting the work within the proposed new Hub Science themes; in addition to the existing Biocatalysis Theme (EP/M013219/1). Each science theme has seven projects that will work in conjunction with each other and the Hub Core will ensure the new themes interact fully with this existing theme. Over the next five years, the structure, programme and activities of the core component of the Hub will therefore comprise:

  • WP1: High throughput and improved sample environments for catalysis at central facilities
  • WP2: Data analysis, processing and curation

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