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New call for UK Catalysis Hub projects 2021 open

04 Nov 2021

The Call will close on the 20 December 2021 at 12.00.  Please send a 2 page (A4, Arial 11 point, margins 2.0 cm) proposal for these projects to The Project Manager, Josie Goodall before 12.00 on the closing date. Please use the Subject line: ‘Application for New Call 2021’.  It is strongly advised you use the Criteria for Prioritization as…

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Prof Graham Hutchings winner of the 2021 Michel Boudart Award in Fundamental Catalysis

13 Apr 2021

We are happy to announce Professor Graham Hutchings is the winner of the 2021 Michel Boudart Award in Fundamental Catalysis. Graham received this prestigious award for his groundbreaking work on gold and selective oxidation catalysis. Read more at

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Interview with Sir Richard Catlow by Research Complex at Harwell

18 Dec 2020

The Research Complex at Harwell have interviewed Sir Richard Catlow following his Knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2020. You can read the full interview at

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JMT 2020 Award Winner Announced!!

18 Dec 2020

The UK Catalysis Hub have named Prof. Adrian Mulholland from the University of Bristol as person of outstanding achievement in catalysis for pioneering computational modelling of enzyme-catalysed reactions to reveal catalytic mechanisms and analyse the effects of protein dynamics at the UK Catalysis Hub Winter Conference on the 7th of December 2020. Read more at

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UK Catalysis Hub JMT catalysis medal Call Open

07 Feb 2020

The UK Catalysis Hub has launched the call for the JMT Medal 2020. The medal honours the achievements of Sir John Meurig Thomas, a distinguished professor in the field of catalysis. The JMT Medal is awarded to a person of outstanding achievement in catalysis or a closely related field every year. In addition, the winner…

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New call for UK Catalysis Hub projects deadline extended

16 Sep 2019

Due to the Current situation and research climate the UK Catalysis Hub has made the decision to extend the deadline for Proposals from May 8th to July 31st. This is to allow fruitful discussions between industry and academics and to allow academics to adjust to the additional complexities of moving to remote teaching and assessment. We will continue to asses this new deadline as…

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PhD studentship available in Neutron Spectroscopy of Surface Intermediates on Nanoporous Metal Catalysts for H2 Storage Technologies

27 Jun 2019

Project Description In the future, the availability of abundant low carbon hydrogen will be crucial for meeting the worlds’ energy needs, while reducing carbon emissions. As direct storage of hydrogen is difficult, alternative hydrogen carriers are required, such as liquid fuels or metal hydrides. The formation of the storage compounds, their decomposition to generate hydrogen…

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PhD in Novel catalytic materials for cascade chemical transformations – University of Manchester & UK Catalysis Hub at Harwell

21 Jun 2019

Project Description The chemical industry is highly reliant on heterogeneous catalysis, underpinning 90% of all global chemical production, with the UK a key contributor to the development of catalytic materials and processes. One-pot cascade reactions are step-wise chemical transformations where the product from the first reaction becomes the substrate for the next step, and so…

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Photo James Paterson JMT presentation Spring 2019

Sir John Meurig Thomas Award for catalysis 2019 winner announced!

14 May 2019

The UK Catalysis Hub have named Dr. James Paterson from BP as winner of the JMT award for catalysis 2019. Dr. James Paterson was selected from the nominations for top early career scientists working in the United Kingdom. The medal honours the achievements of Sir John Meurig Thomas, a distinguished professor in the field of…

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