Facilities at the Research Complex at Harwell

Working as a collective unit at RCaH has enabled the catalysis team to gain programme access to the core XAFS beamline, B18, at DLS, which provides the team with 24 shifts (8 days) of access per allocation period. This access route increases the efficiency of data acquisition by coordinating projects to reduce the dead time of experimental set-up and by allocating small amounts of time for proof of concept investigations before a full study starts. Recently, we were able to perform experiments from 7 research groups over two days, using a total of 10 different absorption edges, which is both a success for the technical performance of the beamline and for the management of the access. The work of the Catalysis Hub at DLS has been mentioned in both the Diamond news magazine (summer 2013) and Diamond Podcast (Episode 24 – Catalysis). Moreover, the base at RCaH has also enabled the catalysis group to gain programme mode access to ISIS, which provides flexible access to the many beamlines available on both target stations. Sustained access to DLS and ISIS is essential in realising the synergistic benefits of the wide-ranging facilities on the RAL campus.