Our Structure

Cat Hub Team Xmas 2017 photo

The UK Catalysis Hub was created with EPSRC funding with the aim to first establish a world-leading, comprehensive and coordinated programme of catalytic science in the UK; secondly to develop new knowledge and promote innovation in and translation of catalytic science and technology; and thirdly to enable the UK to regain and retain its world leading position in catalysis.

The Hub was launched in April 2013 at its physical centre in the Research Complex at Harwell with a program of initial scientific projects starting from July 2013.

The scientific structure of the Hub was initially built round four main themes: Catalysis by Design; Energy; Environment; and Chemical Transformations, each of which has a theme leader who serves on the management group of the Hub. A fifth theme of Biotransformations was subsequently added.

The initial scientific programme focused on the projects outlined in the original proposal. A key feature of the Hub ethos is that all projects involve multi–institutional collaborations.

The Hub has been highly productive scientifically and its programme has encompassed a very broad range of contemporary catalytic science.  The Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH) will coordinate the new programme, be a base for national and international visitors and provide both training and outreach activities.